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Username maneedeng ǹ Password ӵԸչ¤Ѻ. (ѧ password ͧ Refresh Ctrl + F5 Ѻ)
Username is maneedeng and Password as follow the instruction below. (If you still see the old one, try to Refresh or press Ctrl and F5)
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1. ԡẹ / Click this banner.

2. ͤԡǨ˹ҵҧ ԡ / New window will appear, then click at the button.

3. ԡǢ "Wii" / Click at "Wii" link.

4. ԡԧ "Action Replay" Ǣ Nintendo Wii/ Click at "Action Replay" link in Nintendo Wii section.

5. Password ᶺᴧ / Password is under the red tab.

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