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Name : Madonna
New Name : ESTHER (she changed her name very recently in 2004)
Birth Name : Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (pronounced: chee-koh-neh)
Nicknames : Nonnie, Maddy, Mo, The Material Girl, Madge
Date of Birth : August 16, 1958
Place of Birth : Rochester, Michigan Height : 5' 4
Education : * University of Michigan (majored in Dance; dropped out); * Adams High School, Rochester, Michigan; * West Junior High School.
Nationality : American
Profession : singer, actress, producer, composer
Claim to Fame : Album - Like a Virgin (1984)

Madonna Trivia

* Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world. [1991]
* Was considered for the role in Casino (1995) that eventually went to Sharon Stone.
* Turned down the lead in The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989).
* Turned down a role in Showgirls (1995).
* Good friends with Gwyneth Paltrow.
* In his 38th annual Worst Dressed List published in January 1998, Mr. Blackwell wrote about her questionable taste in clothing the previous year, "Let's be blunt, yesterday's Evita is today's Velveeta."
* Owns Maverick Records label.
* Graduated from Rochester Adams High School in 1976. Won a scholarship because of her excellent grades and studied modern dance and drama for 3 semesters at the University of Michigan.
* One of 7 siblings. Her mother died of breast cancer on December 1st, 1963.
* Her infamous 1994 appearance on "Late Show with David Letterman" (1993) had her saying the "f" word 13 times.
* Has an IQ of 140.
* Her birthday is also the anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.
* Born at 7:05 AM MST.
* Bought mansion in the Hollywood Hills originally built for Rudolph Valentino.
* Named one of People Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful People of 1991', and '25 Most Intriguing People of 2001'.
* She is a fan of Katharine Hepburn.
* Born on the same day as actress Angela Bassett.
* She was voted the 36th Greatest Artist of all time in Rock 'n' Roll by Rolling Stone.

Madonna Detailed Biography

Madonna was born on 16th of August, 1956. Her childhood was a hard time for her because her mother died when she was only five. When she was about 20 years old, she moved to Times Square, New York, with just 35 dollars, and her big dream was to become a rock singer.

In 1980, Madonna connived herself to a band called "The Breakfast Club". Soon after, she realized that, "The Breakfast Club" was a big mistake, and early in the year she left the band. Finally, after 4 years, Madonna found the right producer, and single "Everybody" was released. In 1982, the debut album called "Madonna" was released. When the second album "Like a virgin" came out, Madonna turned to be the most popular rock-star in the world. And she is still !! Madonna's Lucky Star never leaves her. She's a living legend.

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