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Stacie Orrico Claim to Fame

Famous as Singer
Popular for Album "Genuine" (2000)

Stacie Orrico Personal Fact

Birth Name Stacie Joy Orrico
Birth Date March 03, 1986
Birth Place
Seattle, Washington, USA Height 5' 4"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color
Education Attended King's Elementary and Faith Christian Academy Home-schooled

Stacie Orrico Family

Father Dean Orrico
Mother Patty Orrico
Brother Jesse (older, a filmmaker), Joshua (younger twin)
Sister Rachel (older), Alicia (younger twin)

When her family concluded to attend a Christian artist seminar called Praise in the Rockies which was held at Estes Park, Colorado, Stacie Joy Orrico came along without being aware of what kind of future that awaited her. "I just wanted to see the concerts," she recalled. Much to her shock, it turned out to be no ordinary concert at all as she won the show's competition in which she purely joined for fun only. From this point, she began to step into a different world she had never known before, transforming from a mere country girl into one of the talented teen superstars in American music industry. Born on March 3, 1986, in Seattle, Washington, Stacie carries an Italian line as the third child of Dean and Patty Orrico. Her parents afterwards decided to left "the Emerald City," thus settled in Denver, Colorado where she spent her early life together with her four siblings: Jesse, Rachel, Joshua, and Alicia. Music has become an important part of her family's life and she often sang at church as well as in school, yet the desire to become an artist had never crossed her mind. "I had always loved to sing," she ...

remarked. "But I was not raised in a showbiz home, and my parents are the farthest thing from stage parents." Concerning her winning at Praise in the Rockies, the 12-years-old girl got more bemused when she was offered a record deal by the executive vice president of A&R at ForeFront Records. "My family knew nothing about the industry and all of sudden we had all these people talking to us and it freaked us out," she admitted. Furthermore, she was put in doubt as many people advised her to wait until she was older since they felt that she was too young to be in the music business. After some consideration, she finally decided to accept the proposition. "My family didn't even pursue this, we just knew that if God wanted it to happen it would," she said. A combination of Christian pop with an urban flare, "Genuine," was officially released on August 29, 2000. Pouring all her skills to co-write some of its tracks, this debut album went beyond her expectation, rocketing to the top spot of Billboard Heartseekers while also sitting on number six at its Top Contemporary Christian Chart. Her delight doubled as it sold over 13,000 ...

copies in only a week after being launched, then eventually reached 500,000. This initial attainment unquestionably led her to receive Gold status as well as raised her name to the surface. Following this, she came up with an EP entitled "Christmas Wish" by October 2001. To everyone's amazement, Stacie brought a different approach in her sophomore album, which was a self-titled one, in March 2003. Richer in texture, it brought an edgier R&B groove that was clearly visible in some of its tracks, such as "Stuck," "(There's Gotta Be) More To Life" and "I Could be the One." She also took a deeper involvement in the album's process, writing 7 out of 12 songs. The result was marvelous for "Stacie Orrico" became the number one album at both Billboard Top Contemporary Christian and Top Christian Album Charts. It quickly scored excellent domestic sale of more than 500,000 copies, going Gold as well as making it sold for 2.5 million worldwide. However, the highlight of this particular album was when it gained a Best Contemporary/Pop Gospel Album nomination at the 2004 Grammy Awards. Exploring another potentiality within her, Stacie landed her feet on film production in the same year. She took ...

guest role in two episodes of NBC's drama series, "American Dreams" (2002), portraying The Angels' singer named Peggy Santiglia. As her popularity flourished, some conservative Christian followers addressed criticisms at her for they felt that the young singer had turned to be a secular person. Many also questioned her true heart of ministry and accused her as a sellout who sought commercial success only. However, others considered that the statement was too hyperbolized. In spite of the debate, Stacie put full concentration to work on her next album, "Be Free," which was planned to be released on January 17, 2006.

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